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The Ambien Defense to a DUI


Recently, former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy's daughter, Ms. Kerry Kennedy, was charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) after being found in her Lexus slumped over the steering wheel and having apparently hit a tractor-trailer. Witness motorists reported that they saw her strike a tractor-trailer with her vehicle and drive off erratically from the collision. Police later located and discovered her in her car after she had apparently exited the highway with a flat tire. Kennedy's DUI lawyer did not wish to comment on certain aspects of the case.


It was suspected that Ms. Kennedy may not have been drinking and driving, but instead may have been "sleep driving" as a result of having taken the prescription medication/drug Ambien, or that she possibly suffered from a seizure while driving. Medical experts report that Ambien is generally safe, although unwanted side effects can occur. Experts also acknowledge that some patients report having found themselves doing things such as sleepwalking, eating, having sex and even driving without any memory of beginning the activity.


This is becoming known as the "Sleep Driving" defense to a driving while under the influence of intoxicants charge or DUI. This potential defense appears to be gaining more popularity as more and more cases of sleep driving are being reported by people in Oregon and across the county.


If you have been charged with a DUII for the use of prescription drugs or medications, you should speak with an expert DUI criminal defense lawyer immediately. Call our office to get help and peace of mind.


News source: Ambien As A Possible Defense To Kerry Kennedy's DUI Charge?