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Arrested for DUI in Beaverton Municipal Court?


Attorney Bartley E. Herron should be your Beaverton DUI expert lawyer


If you have court in the City of Beaverton Municipal Court for a drunk driving or DUI charge, it will be wise of you to hire an expert DUI defense attorney. Most good neighborhoods – like Beaverton – take crimes like dangerous and reckless driving upon their streets very seriously. You want a lawyer who will make sure the City Prosecutor and Judge view you as a good person who has made a mistake in this instance, but is an upstanding person.


Attorney Bartley E. Herron is extremely skilled at personalizing his clients and presenting them to the court in a real and positive light. At Herron law we want to get to know you as a person, because we want to learn what caused you to get a DUI. Are you under a lot of stress? Are you suffering the emotional turmoil of a divorce or relationship break-up? What do you need help with to get your life back on a happy and positive track? These are important questions for your Beaverton DUI defense lawyer to know the answers to, because it helps us to better help you.


In addition to his doctorate degree in law, Attorney Bartley E. Herron also has a degree in psychology. Before becoming a lawyer, Attorney Herron was a licensed social worker. This education and experience gives Attorney Herron a clear advantage in understanding the “root issues” that typically underlie the reasons his clients have gotten a DUI.


The honorable John Mercer is the Judge for the City of Beaverton Municipal Court, in Washington County, Oregon. Tim Kempton is a primary Prosecutor for Beaverton Municipal Court.


Attorney Bart Herron’s law office is located in Lake Oswego just down highway 217 from the Beaverton Municipal Court. Located in the prestigious Kruze Woods corporate complex, Herron Law is here to help you get the best possible outcome on your Beaverton drunk driving or DUII charge. We can help. Call us now, so you can stop worrying.


Expert DUI Defense Firm:

Herron Law, LLC.

5285 Meadows Road, Suite 204

Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

(503) 699-6496 or after hours: (503) 367-0829


The City of Beaverton Municipal Court is located at: Beaverton City Hall, First Floor, 4755 SW Griffith Drive, Beaverton, Oregon 97005. The phone number for Beaverton Court is: (503) 526-2290.