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Is it really possible to get DUI charges dismissed?


We've been asked this question by many people, including lawyers, who believe that DUI charges can never be dismissed. While it is true that DUI charges cannot be dismissed pursuant to a plea bargain, that only applies to plea bargains. There are many other ways to get a DUI charge dismissed. At Herron law, LLC, we are proud of the fact that our lawyers have gotten numerous cases dismissed for our clients.


In fact at our criminal defense law firm, the possibility of getting the charges dismissed is the first thing that our lawyers examine. There are many reasons that dismissal is so important. First, getting a criminal case dismissed removes all the danger to the client. Secondly, a dismissed case protects the client from having a criminal record. These two factors can be vitally important in helping the client to keep his or her job.


One of the most important reasons to hire an expert DUI criminal defense attorney to handle your drunk driving charge is that only an expert is likely to really know whether or not your case is a good candidate for dismissal. Many lawyers who do not specialize in DUI defense, have asked our lawyers for information and guidance in representing their own clients. We are proud of this fact. But we can't help but wonder, why those persons didn't just hire a lawyer who specializes in DUI defense?


Most of our clients are good people who have made a bad mistake and are sorry. We encourage these people to protect themselves from the prosecutors and the court by hiring us, because we're expert DUI defense lawyers. In our experience, good people who understand that they have done wrong, will change their future behavior for the better without needing the severe punishment that the court often hands out to drunk drivers. The court's punishment often "pushes people down" in life and makes it more difficult, rather than easier for someone to change for the better.


We focus on helping our clients to keep their lives on track, to keep their jobs, to get back their driver licenses, and generally to move their lives forward in a positive direction following a DUI arrest. We believe this is very important, because the opposite can very easily happen to people after they have been arrested for drunk driving.

Please call us as soon as possible so that we can help you to move forward and in a positive direction. It will be our honor to serve you in this way.


When you are facing a problem as serious as a DUII, and there is a way to get help by just calling in an expert, don’t you owe it to yourself to call?



* Any result achieved on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate that similar results can be obtained for other clients.