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 Forensic Scientist, Expert Witness, and Consultant Kenn Meneely 



The attorneys at Herron Law, Bart Herron and Michael Stevens, proudly use forensic scientist Kenn Meneely as a consultant and expert witness when defending DUI cases. We often call on Kenn Meneely’s expertise to examine laboratory results and documentation concerning breath and blood tests. Mr. Meneely provides guidance on numerous scientific matters related to understanding all of the possible issues which could be used to defend our clients; have their cases dismissed or win at trial. In our experience forensic scientist Kenn Meneely’s knowledge has been invaluable in providing our clients with the best defense.


Kenn Meneely has been a forensic scientist for more than 33 years and frequently testifies in the Oregon courts as an expert witness in driving under the influence trials, hearings, and other matters. Mr. Meneely has received professional recognition in the areas of forensic toxicology research and training, and the Drug Recognition Evaluation program (DRE) from the Oregon State Bar Association. Mr. Meneely is experienced as an ASCLD/ISO laboratory inspector and technical leader representing the Oregon State Police’s forensic toxicology discipline. As an instructor for the DRE/DUII program, forensic scientist Kenn Meneely also published research papers and findings in the area of DRE/DUII.  He was a clinical laboratory director of an alcohol and rehabilitation facility for 8 years, as well as a research chemist for the United States military for 3 years. As a former sworn Oregon State Police officer, Mr. Meneely retired as a forensic supervisor from the Oregon State Police Forensic Division after 28 years of dedicated service. In addition to his post graduate studies in pharmacology, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, and biochemistry, Mr. Meneely has been court qualified in Oregon and in other states to testify as an expert witness in the following areas: crime scene reconstruction, blood spatter analysis, trace evidence, serology, firearms, postmortem toxicology, human performance toxicology, forensic drug testing, effects of drugs and medications, drug and medication chemistry, clandestine laboratories, blood alcohol, breath alcohol, and effects of alcohol on human physiology. With over a dozen published articles and papers, Mr. Meneely has been invited to give numerous lectures and professional presentations to the Oregon State Bar Association, Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (OCDLA), judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and law enforcement in the areas of forensic toxicology and crime scene reconstruction.


Mr. Meneely is available to testify throughout the Portland and Salem Oregon areas, and in Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington, Marion, Yamhill, Hood, Wasco, Linn, Benton and other nearby counties.