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WARNING: Attorneys only have 10 days from your arrest and breath test failure or refusal to begin proceedings to save your driver license. Call for help NOW!

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Make the decision easy. If you've been arrested for a DUI in Lake Oswego and cited to appear in the Municipal Court, then Lake Oswego Attorney Bartley E. Herron should be your DUI lawyer.


Why? Attorney Herron has practiced DUI and criminal defense in the Lake Oswego and surrounding areas for the past 16 years. Attorney Bart Herron is well known in Lake Oswego by the judge, prosecutor and court staff, because he often appears in court before them. As well, attorney Bartley E. Herron's law firm, Herron Law, LLC is located in the heart of the successful financial center of Lake Oswego, Oregon.


The honorable Wm. Bruce Shepley is the Judge for the City of Lake Oswego. Judge Shepley serves the city as the Municipal Court Judge and has done so for many years. When he is not on the bench, Judge Shepley works as a defense attorney throughout the Portland area.


Jerry Seeberger is the City Attorney or Prosecutor for Lake Oswego. Jerry Seeberger has served the city of Lake Oswego for years as prosecutor. When he is not acting as prosecuting attorney, Jerry Seeberger is a defense lawyer throughout the Portland area, and primarily in Clackamas County. Before becoming the prosecuting attorney for the city of Lake Oswego, Jerry Seeberger was a deputy district attorney in Clackamas County Circuit Court. Because of his vast experience, Jerry Seeberger is an extremely qualified prosecutor.


It is important to know that the city of Lake Oswego is a nice place to live, however, it is tough on crime. This is especially true for crimes that could cause physical harm to the citizens of Lake Oswego; such as driving under the influence of intoxicants and reckless driving. Judge Shepley routinely makes statements which make it very clear that he believes it is his duty as judge to protect the people who drive and walk on Lake Oswego's streets and sidewalks.


Your DUI attorney to represent you in court in Lake Oswego, should be expert DUI defense attorney Bartley E. Herron. Mr. Herron has the experience, skill and knowledge to help you to successfully put the charge of DUI behind you and to move forward with your life. Please call our office now at 503-699-6496. We understand that good people are arrested for DUI every day. We can help you to get through this with your employment, finances and dignity still intact.



Expert DUI Defense Firm:


Herron Law, LLC.

5285 Meadows Road, Suite 204

Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

(503) 699-6496 or after hours: (503) 367-0829


Put our 15 years of DUI defense experience to work for you! It is the smart thing to do.


The Lake Oswego Municipal Court is located at: 380 A Avenue, 1st Floor, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034. The phone number for Lake Oswego Court is: (503) 635-0217.