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STEP 1: Breathe

After being arrested for drunk driving, you are most likely in shock about how quickly your life has been turned upside-down. Take a deep breath; others in your situation have survived with their lives, families, and careers still intact. This is a scary and dangerous time, but you will be okay if you take care of yourself and get the expert professional help you deserve. Relax and breathe, you will be alright. There is hope for you and for a second chance.

STEP 2: Find an expert DUI attorney

There are only a handful of expert DUI attorneys in the Portland area, attorneys who truly specialize in defending driving while under the influence of intoxicants cases. At Herron Law, DUI defense is what we do every day. Mr. Herron is frequently asked for advice in court about how to handle DUI related issues by other lawyers. This makes us feel good about our reputations.

Be advised: all Oregon courts treat driving while under the influence of intoxicants cases as very serious matters. Why? Because judges believe that drunk and impaired drivers are responsible for causing more serious injuries than any other kind of crime. As well, there are many politically active organizations, such as MADD, which strongly lobby against any judge who is not strict in punishing DUI drivers. Therefore, no one will get a “slap on the wrist” from any judge in Oregon, for a DUI. Not even when if he or she has an excellent driving record or if he or she were “Mother Teresa.”

STEP 3: Follow Your Attorney’s Advice and Guidance

Once you hire an expert DUI defense attorney by following the above steps, most of your job is finished. Be honest with your lawyer. Tell him or her everything that you think may be important to your case – the good and the bad – it is easier for a lawyer to know what facts to expect, even if they are bad facts. Answer your attorney’s questions fully.

Listen to your attorney’s advice. This may be your first DUI, but an experienced DUI defense lawyer will have worked through hundreds and hundreds of DUI cases. Let your attorney help you by following his or her guidance.

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