Oregon’s Expert DUI Defense Law Firm

Do you want to have your DUI case dismissed? Your best bet is to hire an expert DUI defense attorney to handle your case.

Hiring a lawyer is like a hiring a doctor. There are specialists and there are general practitioners. When you have a serious health emergency, don’t you want a specialist? If you could go to any doctor, why wouldn’t you want a specialist? Think about this when you hire a lawyer for your DUI charge. Hire an expert DUI attorney!

You may feel that you are guilty. You may believe that you deserve what is coming to you. But wait. Good people make mistakes. Do you really need to have your driver license suspended? Do you need to go to jail, be on probation, pay huge fines, and pay for court ordered treatment? Haven’t you already learned your lesson?

This is why you should hire the best DUI expert attorney you can find. My typical client is a very good person who messed up with alcohol or prescription drugs. Usually he or she is under a lot of stress and currently trying to deal with an emotionally difficult situation; such as a divorce or break-up, loss of a loved one, or a work or health crises.

Don’t beat yourself up. And definitely don’t allow the prosecutor and court system to beat on you. Get real professional help. You deserve the best, really don’t you? Take care of yourself. Stop browsing the web worrying about what might happen. Do something to help yourself by calling an expert drunk driving criminal defense attorney to handle your serious case.

Come see us. We are located in the prestigious Kruse Woods professional buildings in Lake Oswego. On the Lake Oswego side of where I-5 and 217 come together. With this location, we avoid the traffic problems with downtown Portland and are right off the freeways. We are easy to find. Right now, you need things to be easy, don’t you?