Protect your driver license

Warning: you must act quickly to protect your driver license after being arrested for drunk or impaired driving in Oregon. Usually the DMV only allows attorneys 10 days to formally request an administrative hearing to challenge the suspension of your driving privileges. The DMV hearing is generally very important because it is the only way to keep your license from being suspended for failing or refusing a breath test after a DUI arrest.

Expert DUI attorneys are experienced in filing this request in a manner that preserves their client’s rights to challenge all aspects of the police officers stop and arrest procedures. Because if proper notice is not given to the DMV of the intent to make these challenges, then the DMV administrative judge is not required to allow them to be raised at a hearing. This can quite literally mean the difference between winning and losing a DMV hearing and getting back or losing your driving privileges. This is only one of the many reasons that you should choose an expert DUI defense firm to represent you in your DUI case. Our law firm has been formally acknowledged by the judge in DMV hearings for properly raising these matters.

At Herron Law, LLC we understand how important it is to our client’s to be able to drive. For most people, driving is necessary to their livelihood and to meeting their daily responsibilities to family members and others. Attending DMV hearings with our clients is a normal part of our standard DUI defense practice. In addition to protecting your driver license, the DMV hearing provides an excellent opportunity to obtain more evidence about your case and for your defense attorneys to question the police officers concerning all of the events that could be important in defending you both at the DMV hearing and in criminal court.

Please accept our invitation to call our office ASAP. When you have our legal team on board and in your corner, you will feel safe to go back to work, to enjoy your free time, and to get a good night’s sleep.