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WARNING: Attorneys only have 10 days from your arrest and breath test failure or refusal to begin proceedings to save your driver license. Call for help NOW!

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"We attend every court hearing and appearance with our clients. As well, we go to the DMV hearings to help our clients to keep their driver licenses. We are with our clients every step of the way."




You deserve a DUI expert attorney, for your lawyer.

The stakes in a DUI case are very high. You should not treat lightly, the importance of your selection of an attorney to represent you on your drunk driving charge. Many people lose their jobs after being convicted of a DUI. Some lose their careers simply by losing their driver licenses. DUI laws and penalties are complex and constantly changing. As well, the science concerning driving under the influence of intoxicants defense is complicated and often requires consultation with forensic science experts.


At Herron Law, we frequently get phone calls from people “after the fact” asking us to fix mistakes another lawyer made on their case. Usually, it is too late to repair what was done (although not always). If you are ever going to hire an expert DUI attorney to help you, then you should do it right away. A reputable and experienced DUI specialist lawyer should be the first and last attorney you need.

Don’t willingly put at risk your career, freedom, and future. Most people are so emotionally over stressed after being arrested and cited to court that they will cling to the first attorney they talk to. This can make for a false sense of security, unless the first attorney happens to be a drunk driving defense expert.


Just the same as you should go to a medical specialist when you have a serious health problem, you should locate an expert DUI defense attorney to handle your driving under the influence of intoxicants case. Any doctor can prescribe medications. But don't you want a doctor who is a specialist, when your health is at serious risk?


Know that the courts treat driving under the influence of intoxicants cases as one of the most serious types of criminal cases. Why is this true? Because, victims of drunk drivers are more likely to be killed or seriously injured than the victims of most other crimes. Think about it. The victims of all property crimes are not physically hurt. The only direct victim of most drugs crimes are the drug users, themselves. But everyone has heard the terrible stories about drunk driving accidents.


Comprehensive representation for your DUI defense and DMV hearing driver license defense.


Attorney Bartley E. Herron offers comprehensive DUII defense, including fighting your DMV hearing to win back your driver license and your privilege to drive.


“Get a good doctor when you are sick and a good lawyer when you are in trouble.”


We are Portland’s Premiere DUI Defense Law Firm! We always represent the defense. And, we use the most qualified experts to testify on behalf of our clients.


* Any result achieved on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate that similar results can be obtained for other clients.