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WARNING: Attorneys only have 10 days from your arrest and breath test failure or refusal to begin proceedings to save your driver license. Call for help NOW!

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Former Client Testimonials and Thanks


  • Mr. Attorney Herron Thanks! Thanks a lot!


  • As a lawyer, you are great. As Human being, you are also. As a real professional, you are too.


  • It took my courage to schedule an appointment with you. You made me comfortable in your office. As a real professional, you seriously worked on this case. In addition, I was impressed a lot in the way you worked hard for this case. Your best paralegal Olga or yourself let me regularly know different actions you legally took through my email address. That's a real professional! That's what clients need!


  • I was a prosecutor for many years and familiar with being in court, but not as the defendant - accused of a crime.


  • The good news was, we won the case and you got it dismissed.


  • As a former client of Herron's law office, I sincerely recommend people who need help and want to get their rights protected in criminal matters, to contact this great and experienced lawyer. You will be happy.  L. (Tualatin, Oregon)


  • Bart,  You may absolutely post my letter wherever you would like. It is okay to use my name if you wish. Although it wasn't my finest hour I am not ashamed of making a mistake and learning from it. I learned a lot about myself, and how to better manage the stressors of life as a result. Your words mean a lot to me, and I am honored that you think enough of me to post my letter. It has certainly been my pleasure, and I look forward to visiting with you in the future.  Best Regards,  Marc (Lake Oswego, Oregon)


  • Attorney Bartley Herron, I just wanted to say thanks and I will always recommend anyone who needs help in a DUI situation to you. You guys were very helpful and very easy to get through all this. I am very glad the path I chose was through you guys and I will keep in touch thanks.  C (Portland, Oregon)


  • Mr. Herron, Olga, and Jennifer,  I really appreciate your work last year in resolving my case. This saved me a great deal of stress and money.Your advice was great and made quite an impression on me.  I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone.  All the best,  Y (Portland, Oregon)


  • Dear future clients of Attorney Bartley Herron, To keep a long story short, I got pulled over in Hillsboro for a moving violation (busted tailight) and I was arrested on suspicion of DUI.  I thought the smart thing would be to contact an attorney. That's when I found Bart Herron. I learned alot from him. Like most people, I was ignorant when it came to exercising my rights. But with Bart's knowledge & experience, I know how to protect myself from future encounters with law enforcement. Everything panned out really well & I highly recommend him. If somebody I knew needed a lawyer to help fight their DUI charge, I would mention his name.  Sincerely,  K. (Beaverton, Oregon)


  • Dear Mr. Herron and Olga,  I feel like I'm a success story and am very proud of it!!!!! Thanks to you my life is back on track and I can't thank you enough. Yeah!!!! Life is great! K. (Salem, Oregon)


  • Dear Attorney Bartley Herron, I wanted to tell you thanks for what you did. I had never before been arrested. The whole situation terrified me. You helped me to survive the ordeal with my dignity. You also made me feel better about myself. I remember your words often. I will recommend your services to my friends if they ever find themselves in such trouble. V (West Linn, Oregon)


  • Olga, What a day yesterday was! Bart is so awesome, he just puts everything into perspective. Thank you. C. (Portland, Oregon)


  • Dear Bart Herron, You are the best attorney I know. I always recommend you to my friends. Thanks! C. (Oregon City, Oregon)


  • Dear Bartley Herron, I just wanted to say thanks a lot for all that you have done for me. I think we definitely got the best we could hope for under the circumstances. I really appreciate your help. Thanks again, V (Hillsboro, Oregon)


  • Mr. Herron.....  Bartley,? I first off wanted to thank you so much for being by my side today and representing me through an unknown and potentially scary space.  Your wisdom, knowledge, and compassion for your clients is amazing.  Thank you sincerely for this.  You always seem to calm my fears and make me feel like it'll be ok...  that I'm not the only idiot out there that makes a BIG mistake...  thank goodness. Stacey






* Any result achieved on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate that similar results can be obtained for other clients.